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[NEWS ] Round 193 + New Map!

@ December 8, 2016, 12:39 pm by Mo2

Break time's over!
New round this SATURDAY!

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[ROUND 192 NEWS ] Round Start announcement

@ September 25, 2016, 6:44 pm by mukke

Hey All,

Round192 will start on Tuesday, the 27th of September 2016 at 10am Game Time.

The map will be the same as last round.

This time however we will disable the GP block because it was evil on this map.
We will also set the build health and armours back to normal as we forgot that last round.

if you have any more questions, poke your favourite admin on irc or FB messenger.

Your friendly neighbour admin,

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[ROUND 191 NEWS ] Long break

@ September 8, 2016, 10:30 am by mukke

Hey All,

After a long break and qiuet a number of techincal issues both with the site and the server we are ready for another round.
I think after the arguments during the footie rounds (and some very nice bug fixes) we should continue with a normal round.

Everything should be available as normal but I might have missed something. In any case, ways enough to contact an admin.

The round is set to start on Saturday, the 10th of September, at 10 am.

Have fun all and I hope many of you show up with renewed interest for itswar.
Your friendly neighbourhood admin,

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[ROUND 190 NEWS ] Start Announcement

@ July 26, 2016, 11:42 pm by mukke

Hey All,

We all needed a bit of a break from last round.
As promised, a second footie round, before we are doing something else.. what ever that will be, we are still open for requests or suggestions.

So that break will soon be over with a new round starting on Thursday the 28th of July around 10 AM game time, check the home page left hand side for an exact time.
We made some changes to last round :
- Change: Careers -- HWS, Support, Rambo, Rifle (make sure to check the options in all careers before settling on one, discuss it with your team to plan your strategies)
- Change: Vehicles with guns bumped up with 100 days
- Change: People can ask an admin to change 1 skill / round, all ups spent on the old skill will be lost
- Change: if you are dead for 1h you can request a revive
- Change: Gojan’s Footie Only Map (with a few edits to make it a bit less evil)
- Bug fix : sniper can no longer shoot vehicles same sector
- Bug fix: map coder decided wrong on sector specs
- Bug fix: KOTH ups are no longer earned when hidden
- News: Gojan is now a night time admin, you can give him any map bugs, or request a revive or a skill change, Kapow and Pandora remain as Active Admins

- Unfixed bug : with stealth 4-5 it only uses 3 moves to SFH when nobody is hidden in the sector and 8 and when someone is. This one is a bit harder to fix and requires some major testing so be aware (it is supposed to be the other way around). Abuse of this bug is currently allowed

Gojan's Footie Map (Edited)

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[ROUND 189 NEWS ] Special: Footie Round

@ July 8, 2016, 12:29 am by mukke

Hey All,

First of All, Gratz to The Hatters on winning this long round

We've set up a new round, but this one is a special round:
This round will be a footie only map.
This means that the drive and fly skills are limited to 1, that way you can still get an OH6, a Cargo Truck, Troop Transport, Repair Truck, Dessert Wolf Jeep, M115 Jeep, etc.

On top of that all buildings health's are halved and the armour dropped by 2.
Guard Posts have no windows this round, so you will have to get out and fight. Barracks still do have windows as usual.

We talked about reducing the number of available skill slots, but we will only reduce them them to 5|5|4|4|3|2|1 as you will not be able to select multiple primary weapons at the same time anyway. and it will help with the current low activity.

There are also bonus ups for being/fighting in the middle mine, due to the King Of The Hill mod, Sephi made a while back.. So keep that in mind when planning your early round strategies.

Round 189 will start at 09/07/2016 10:54:59

The map we selected is the Following one:

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